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ACM@UIUC is the Association for Computing Machinery student chapter, the world's largest scientific computer society. We are a group of dedicated people interested in exploring the possibilities of computers and discovering new ways to use them!

ACM contains Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, which focus on specific applications of computer science. In our chapter, each SIG operates under ACM@UIUC with free range over its meetings, activities, and purpose. Some SIGs are project-based and devote time to building something innovative or spectacular to showcase. Others are dedicated to teaching, using talks and workshops to help their members understand a particular topic. You can learn more about each SIG on our home page!

ACM@UIUC also runs various events throughout the year, such as ACM Open House, which showcases all the different SIGs at the beginning of each semester, Reflections | Projections, our annual computing conference, and HackIllinois, which is one of the largest hackathons in the nation. We also host a variety of outreach and social events, such as picnics, activity weeks, ACM Happy Hour, and our annual bar crawl. Our SIGs also run their own events! These events are open to all of UIUC, regardless of technical experience or background!

Our executive meetings occur every other week and are open to the public. The ACM officer board, as well as SIG and committee leads, drive discussion about important ACM matters and make decisions based on the consensus of meeting attendees.

ACM@UIUC is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Abhived Pulapaka


Abhived Pulapaka

Ronit Anandani

Vice Chair

Ronit Anandani

Ryan To


Ryan To

Akshay Vellore


Akshay Vellore


Reflections | Projections

We provide a forum to share and learn about progress in computer science, with industry and academia tech talks, workshops and events for attendees, Mechmania, and Diversity × Tech.


  • Ojaswee Chaudhary

  • Ritika Vithani


HackIllinois is UIUC's premier collegiate hackathon. With over 1000 attendees and 50 mentors in 2019, the hackathon has become one of the largest and most well-regarded in the nation.


  • Jennifer Xia

  • Kay Rivera


The corporate team handles communication with ACM@UIUC's sponsors, including Numerade, IMC, and more.


  • Deeya Bodas

  • Howard Ding


The social team organizes fun events for ACM@UIUC such as picnics, activity weeks, game nights, and Happy Hour.


  • Ashika Koripelly

  • Naomi Lin


The marketing team organizes social media and branding for ACM@UIUC.


  • Ayushi Chakravarty

  • Meghna Goli


The infra team maintains ACM@UIUC's infrastructure and engineering efforts like this website.


  • Dev Singh

  • Kaushik Varadharajan


The mentorship team organizes mentorship programs for ACM@UIUC, welcoming everyone to CS @ Illinois.


  • Jasmine Liu

  • Sherry Long

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